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Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Week #9 : Lime, Strawberry, Whipping Cream

After what seems like weeks of rain, the sun is shining brightly today.  My son and I managed a 2 1/2 hour Wal Mart grocery trip without a single tear or tantrum (from either of us!). It is a good day!!!!

This weeks ingredients are once again leading me down the path to desserts and sweets. I know it will be too hot to bake much once summer really hits us, so I suppose it's good that I'm doing so much baking now.   We get such brief summers here that I truly enjoy every minute of sunshine, but I do miss baking.  Baking somehow nourishes my soul.  It is something that makes me feel connected to my roots. My mother bakes, my grandmother bakes, my great grandmother baked, all of them wonderfully.  Baking is something that is woven into the fabric of our family. We are nurturers, and for me baking is connected to that. 

I am not feeling overly creative today, but hopefully inspiration will hit and I will be able to create a couple of tasty recipes for this weeks ingredients.

Daughter: lime
Son: whipping cream
Husband: strawberry


  1. Lime + Whipped Cream + Strawberry?!? I don't think You'll have any troubles coming up with an amazing summer recipe- plus you survived a 2.5 hour walmart trip, there's no way I'd get through that without a tantrum :)

  2. Thanks for the vote of confidence Sarah :)
    I did come up with something delicious I just need to get the post written up, should be up by tomorrow.


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