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Food Flips Finds

This page will be dedicated to rating and reviewing products, foods, etc.  I will give my uncensored opinion on whether you should spend your hard earned money, or pull those purse strings tight.

Recommended: FAB
Avoid: FLOP

Great Value: Dried Berry Sensation:
After a comment about the high price of dried blueberries, used in Chewy Double Chocolate Chunk Oatmeal Cookie BarsI was on the hunt for a more affordable alternative. This berry mix has cranberries, cherries and blueberries, some of the berries were quite large so I simply chopped them before adding them to the cookie dough.  One bag was slightly more than called for in the recipe, but I threw the whole bag in anyways. The cookie bars were just as delicious as the originals.  I came across this dried berry mix at Walmart, and while I still prefer the pure dried blueberries, this is a great alternative for the cost conscious at $4.57/bag. 

Where to buy: Walmart
Rating: FAB

Gluten Free Pantry: Chocolate Truffle Brownie Mix
This is a boxed brownie mix, and though I don't normally advocate or recommend baking out of a box, when you need to make a gluten free dessert it is so much easier.  I have a couple of lovely people in my life who can not tolerate gluten.  I have been told that gluten free baking is very finicky and very unpredictable.  One day I hope to tackle the art, but not right now. These brownies are rich chocolaty, chewy and moist. They honestly taste like a regular old brownie.  The texture is perfect the taste is great.  I don't think anyone would ever be able to tell they are gluten free.

Check out Glutino's site for more product information and online ordering:

Where to Buy: The Dalhousie Safeway in NW Calgary ( FYI they have a pretty decent gluten free section)
Rating: FAB