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Wednesday, June 01, 2011

Week #7: Ground Chicken, Soy Sauce, Goldfish Crackers

Yep, you read that right...

Husband: ground chicken
Daughter: soy sauce
Son: goldfish crackers

I asked for my husband's item first this week, then my daughter's, and when I got to my lovely three year old son his response was "black".... black???? hmmm, okay how about something else buddy?  "brown"...okay so this is how this is going to go...Have I mentioned that my darling boy has been challenging my every move over the last couple of days?  So when he piped up with "fishy crackers" I said okay.  My husband and daughter both looked at me like I was insane for agreeing, but I say you've got to pick your battles, at least it's a food!

So, let's be positive about this shall we?  This we be a fantastic creative challenge, there should be some absolutely unique recipes, and it offers a welcomed reprieve from the sweets. (Okay, I will admit that sounds a lot more confident than I am feeling right now)

Wish me luck!

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