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Saturday, April 09, 2011

Week #1: My First Challenge

Here we go!  I can already tell this is going to be a lot more challenging than I had anticipated.  To begin with my son (age 3) doesn't quite get the concept.  When I asked what food he would like to use in a recipe he started dancing around the living room shouting out foods that he a) doesn't like- mango, and b) has never had- coffee.  So I needed to prompt him to choose something he likes. Well that worked and I got and emphatic "CHOCOLATE!".  My daughter, being the saucy little thing that she is, instantly said "pickles".  Oh boy....So day one and I need to set some ground rules.  I think perhaps in weeks to come I will make a picture book with my son with various foods in their food groups and let him choose one.  My daughter has been asked to not choose an item that would be disgusting with what her brother has chosen.  My husband had to be told that "no, he could not always choose meat".
Ground rules set, here is what they came up with:
Son: chocolate
Daughter: caramel
Husband: peanuts
I think I'm with the right family!
Now all I need to do is stop thinking of all of the yummy recipes I have in my cookbooks, and come up with a new recipe.....Stay tuned, and play along!

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