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Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Berry Twisted Peach Bellinis

Berry Twisted Bellini
 These Bellinis are so peachy good that before you know it you will be slurping at the bottom of the glass, but beware they pack a punch!  Perfect for the deck this summer!

Berry Twisted Peach Bellinis (Makes 6 generous servings)
6 peaches
6 oz peach schnapps
1 bottle prosecco or champagne, 750ml
1/4 cup fresh cherries
1/4 cup fresh blackberries
1 1/2 tbsp sugar

Plunge peaches into boiling water for approx 15-30 seconds.  Remove to an ice bath.  The skins will easily slide off.

Cut peaches into chunks, remove pits.  Puree until smooth.  Pour into ice cube trays, approx 24 cubes.  Place in freezer until just frozen.  If they freeze too solid, remove from freezer a little before you need them to allow them to soften up a bit. 

Combine blackberries, cherries and sugar in blender and blend until smooth.  This makes a coulis.  Strain if desired.  Refrigerate until needed.

For each drink ( I made 2 at a time) combine 1oz peach schnapps with 4 peach cubes in blender and mix until smooth.  Pour into glass.  Add 1/2 cup prosecco and gently stir until well combined.  Add 1 tbsp coulis and lightly stir.  Slurp Sip away!


  1. What a refreshing summer drink! Like the addition of the cherries and blackberries. Really enticing pictures-yum!

  2. Thanks Tina! They were refreshing, I could have slurped away all day (but then I wouldn't have been able to stand :)

  3. Now you're talking Christie! Yumm!!! Roxane

  4. I'll make them for you sometime Rox :)

  5. Incredible! I love how creative you are with your ingredients!

  6. Thanks Ann! What a nice compliment :)

  7. The addition of berries to the bellinis is a great idea and I just love those peach cubes!

  8. Gorgeous! Too bad we are lacking the appropriate weather for deck sitting but thats definitely not going to stop me from making these!

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